It takes great courage to ask for help. Counselling provides a safe space and an opportunity for you to explore behaviours, relationships, feelings or thoughts, which trouble you and cause difficulties in your life. Counselling can help you: discover better ways of coping with stress, depression and anxiety, acquire skills for communicating in relationships, set goals and increase self-esteem. Counselling interventions are tailored to the unique needs of each client.  Rhonda’s clinical practice focuses on a few key areas:

Depression and Anxiety

Many individuals experience depression and anxiety at different times in their lives. And as long as we are living, we can experience these uncomfortable feeling on occasion. It becomes troublesome however, when the feelings of anxiety and depression prevent us from daily routine, connecting with others or participating in things we enjoy. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, CBT, is a proven and effective approach in treating depression and anxiety. Clients are assisted in recognizing and challenging automatic negative thoughts and the resulting behaviors that are causing them difficulties. Instruction in relaxation and homework are important components.

Codependency and Relationships

Individuals with co-dependency issues often have difficulty identifying their feelings, have difficulty making decisions, tend to rescue or “caretake” others, have difficulty setting boundaries and giving up control.  Recovery from Codependency involves identifying these patterns, learning communication and assertiveness skills, and creating a new relationship with the self and renewed relationships with others.

Grief/Loss and Life Transition

Grief/Loss and Life Transition are all a natural and important part of life’s journey.  In a safe and caring environment, clients can share their story and process difficult and often overpowering feelings.  Clients are encouraged and guided to explore avenues for honoring themselves and their grief journey.