Who We Are

Dr. Chris Spooner is a naturopathic doctor with over 20 years of clinical experience. He received a B.Sc. in Biology from the University of Victoria and his ND from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.

Dr. Spooner’s professional objective is to improve healthcare outcomes through the development of integrative care strategies, evidence-informed clinical practice, and innovative research partnerships.

He was a board member and vice chair of the College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia from 2008 to 2021 and served on numerous committees including the Quality Assurance Committee, the Standards of Practice Subcommittee, the Cannabis Standards Subcommittee, and the Pharmacopoeia and Diagnostics Referral Committee. He is also the CNPBC’s representative for the Inter-professional Working Group.

Dr. Spooner was the Natural Health Products Domain Lead of the Intervention Development Committee for the Ottawa Hospital – Ottawa Integrative Cancer Care: Thoracic Peri-Operative Integrative Surgical Care Evaluation (POISE) Trial. In his private practice, he works with a wide range of patients who are looking for a balanced approach to health care that combines conventional medicine with research-informed integrative approaches.

He is a Key Opinion Leader and on the medical advisory board of Atrium Innovations, a division of Nestlé Health Sciences, where his role includes the development of integrative care protocols and product development for gastrointestinal illness and non-cannabis endocannabinoid compounds. He also serves in an advisory capacity for Kisameet Glacial Clay.

Dr. Spooner has been a member of the medical advisory board for MedReleaf, True Leaf Medicine International, and Pharmacielo and served as the Chief Scientific Officer for Heritage Cannabis, a Health Canada Licensed Producer from 2018 to 2020. In 2021, he co-authored the paper, Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome Survey and Genomic Investigation with Dr. Ethan Russo.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Dr. Spooner was an oarsman for the University of Victoria Varsity Crew and a member of the Canadian National Rowing team. He is an avid mountain biker, open water swimmer, and cross-country skier, and when he is not in the office, you can find him outside with his partner Jaelyn and his daughter Elowyn, taking advantage of all the North Okanagan has to offer.



Dr. Chris Spooner

Naturopathic Doctor

The majority of my patients have very little experience with naturopathic medicine and are coming to me because they have been referred to me by family, friends and other health care providers.  Almost all of them are wrestling with information overload and are turning to me to help them figure things out.

I look at my role as a bridge between conventional and complementary medicine.

My goal is to help you understand what is happening in your body and to help you find out the best approach for your needs.  I spend the time to listen to you, understand who you are and address your health concerns.  I work with you to develop individualized treatment plans that work with your body’s natural healing ability, using the most effective methods possible.

I always aim to educate and empower my patients so that they are aware of the control they have with regards to their health and have the knowledge they need to make the health care decisions that are best for them.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your health goals.

In health,

Dr. Spooner




Evelyn Vehlow

Evelyn Vehlow

IV therapist

Evelyn was inspired to pursue a career in the nursing field by her fun loving dad who greatly enjoyed working with both patients and staff during his time as a nursing orderly.  She graduated with a Diploma of Nursing from the Mack Centre of Nursing of Niagara College in 1977.

Over the next 30 years Evelyn worked as a Registered Nurse in various cities in both the US and Canada, gaining experience in a variety of  fields including: surgery, special care, urology, ICU/CCU, cardiology and chronic care.

She stepped away from the Nursing Profession in 2007  to live and work at the lifestyle, health teaching centre of Silver Hills Guest House,  in the foothills of the Monashee Mountains.

In 2013, Evelyn joined Dr. Spooner’s practice as an IV therapist  and is excited  to continue working patients and the team at the new offices of Paradigm Naturopathic Medicine

Cindy Moger

Cindy Moger

Patient Care Co-ordinator

Cindy is our amazing Patient Care Co-ordinator.  She was born and raised in Kelowna. She spent the first 42 years of her life in Alberta, where she worked as an optician for more than 20 years. Cindy was known for her exceptional customer service and attention to detail, which made her a valuable asset to the optical industry.

In June 2015, Cindy moved to Vernon. She considers herself blessed to have two wonderful children who mean the world to her.

Cindy is an avid outdoors enthusiast and loves to spend her free time hiking, biking, and camping. In 2011, she completed a marathon in support of Team Diabetes, an organization that funds diabetes research and raises awareness about the disease.

Before moving to Vernon, Cindy figure skated competitively for many years. She also cheerleaded for the Edmonton Eskimos (now Elks) football team, where she showcased her passion for sports.

In addition to her many hobbies and interests, Cindy has had an extensive work history. In addition to her 20+ years as an optician, she managed a small trucking company, where she was responsible for bookkeeping and setting up a full safety program. In 2016, Cindy began working for Dr. Spooner, where she continues to provide exceptional patient support.