What We Do

Integrative Pain Management

By leveraging innovative technology and the body’s natural ability to repair itself, we help our patients get back to their sports and lifestyle as quickly as possible

IV therapy

With a primary focus on nutrient delivery and hydration, IVs and injection therapies are prescribed by our licensed naturopathic doctors to address specific patient needs.


Using your genetic data, collected by 23andMe® or Ancestry®, we use the PureGenomics platform to provide individualized reports for your unique genetic profile.

Integrative Cancer Care

If you’re living with a cancer diagnosis or have a history of cancer, find out how our team can help

Digestive Health

If you’ve been struggling with Acid reflux (GERD), Ulcers, IBS, constipation, leaky gut, SIBO, or autoimmune disease, find out how our team can help.

Hormone Health

If you’ve been struggling with conditions such as PMS, Menopausse, PCOS, endometriosis or low testosterone, find out how our practitioners can help.

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