Paradigm Clinic COVID – 19 Protocol

Paradigm Naturopathic Covid – Safety Plan March 2021

Protocol for Patients.

All patients are notified by phone 1 business day prior to their visit to ensure they are not sick, have not travelled by plane in the past 2 weeks or have been in contact with anyone that has been sick or travelled and to be told of clinic protocols. Patients are NOT to arrive early and ONLY enter the reception area is clear otherwise they must wait in the hallway at the acceptable distance of 6ft from anyone else.  Patients (unless not possible) cannot have family members or friends attend visits with them or wait in clinic for them.

Please note facemasks or face coverings are required in our clinic and upon entry to the building.  Please do not enter the clinic if you have been around anyone with COVID in the past two weeks, been sick yourself with COVID or have symptoms in the past two weeks or if you have travelled out of the country in the past two weeks.

  • Please arrive just on time for your appointment. We ask that you use the backdoor as it has an automatic door but please note that the back parking lot is not part of the building and it is private parking. Please use the street parking on 30 Street or 28th
    Ave so you are not towed.
  • When arriving in our clinic please check to see that there are no more than 2 people in the reception area.  IF there are we ask that you wait outside in the hallway until one has left.
  • Upon entry please use the hand sanitizer or gloves that we have for your use.  Please note you cannot wear gloves that you have worn to the clinic a new pair must be used.
  • If your appointment is with Ev in our IV room she will come get you when she is ready.  We have the chairs spaced so please do not move the chair.  It is necessary that you keep your face covering on during your treatment in the IV room as we can not guarantee self distancing
  • If your appointment is with Dr. Spooner he will come get you in the reception area and we ask that you stay 6ft apart (the chairs are set up this way) when necessary when this is not possible a face covering must be used.  We ask that you do not bring family members with you unless a care giver is necessary for the appointment and that person must be in the individuals bubble
  • Please note Dr. Spooner does conduct appointments over telephone, Skype and/or Zoom when desired and this can be a very effective way of having your appointment.
  • When coming to pick up Supplements we ask whenever possible you call in your order and prepay so we can prepare it and have it ready for you to pick up on the bench just inside the clinic door.  If phoning in your order and prepayment is not possible we then ask that you wait until the reception area is clear, sanitize or use gloves and come to the front to let Cindy know what you need and then pay around the side.


Paradigm Studio Covid 19 Protocol updated January 2021

Things that we are doing to keep us and you safe and keep our doors open!


  • Upon entering the building please wear your mask until you are settled on your mat.
  • Please enter from door marked #102 – this was the entrance you used to use. I will have the door propped open for you.
  • Please use the hand sanitizer that this there on the stool
  • Please do not enter the studio space until I have had the chance to confirm with you verbally that you have not been sick, been around anyone sick or been out of the country in the past 2 weeks.  If I am not there just please patiently wait as I may be helping someone set up their space.
  • Please remove your footwear and jackets and please bring them into the studio space with you and place them near your mat.
  • Please come to class with your yoga clothes on as there is not change room available.
  • You are free to use the restroom.
  • I have placed the mats so each mat space is at least 2.5m apart.  We are in a different configuration that you are used to – and yes I am on an angle and yup that will mess with my head   – but we will work with it  I will have a studio mat down as a placement holder please note studio props are not for public use so please bring your own mat and any props that you may think you will need.  I will move the placement mat for you allowing you to put your mat in it’s space and place your personal items around you. I will have little mats for your footwear.
  • Once you are settled on your mat feel free to remove your mask for the class if you feel more comfortable with the mask on please feel free to wear it.
  • You will leave from the side door that is part of the studio that will take you directly to the outer hallway so please be sure to bring all your belongings with you to your mat space.