Using your genetic data, collected by 23andMe® or Ancestry®, we use the PureGenomics platform to provide individualized, practical reports that make evidence-based nutritional and lifestyle recommendations that are customized for your unique genetic profile.

Nutrigenomics explores the effects of nutrients on gene function, as well as the effects of genetic variation on nutrient response. A primary goal of nutrigenomics is to identify individuals who would benefit from a particular nutritional intervention and develop alternative strategies for those who do not. The goal is to provide personalized dietary recommendations for optimal health and disease management or prevention.


Personalized nutrition based on genotype represents a powerful tool to encourage individuals to adopt a healthier diet. 


We translate your genetic data — previously collected by 23andMe® or Ancestry® — into easy-to-interpret reports that identify more than 70 scientifically credible genetic variations, called single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), and their eleven associated trait categories that can affect your health. Using these findings, we provide easy-to-understand nutritional and lifestyle recommendations that are tailored to your unique genetic needs. 

Your practical lifestyle and nutritional recommendations are based on the most current science and medical research, and geared toward helping you achieve optimal health and wellness.