Integrative Cancer Care


The Benefits of Integrative Cancer Care

We define Integrative Cancer Care as the combination or addition of complementary therapies with or to standard conventional cancer treatments, including chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery at any time during the cancer experience. These complementary therapies may be provided in hospital, community or private settings.

Our goal is simple – to empower people, enhance quality of life, and improve survival by providing the best integrative and supportive care possible for people living with a diagnosis of cancer. We will work together with you, your family doctor and oncologist to develop therapeutic programs that help sustain wellness during and after treatment.

Growing scientific evidence confirms that stress reduction, eating a healthy diet, exercise and a positive support network can substantially improve quality of life and optimize recovery and survival, while reducing the risk of recurrence. There is a growing body of evidence that both survival and quality of life can be enhanced by this approach. For example, patients with stage IV lung cancer who incorporated herbs & vitamins along with either chemotherapy or radiation managed to live 14 times longer at 2 and 5 years as compared to those who did not. A similar trend was also demonstrated in colon cancer. In metastatic breast cancer, survival was approximately double using an integrated cancer care model as compared to the standard population. Other examples involving such areas as yoga and acupuncture have helped with fatigue, anxiety, and hot flashes. The lists are growing and rapidly especially during the last 5 years.

Complementary therapies can significantly improve a patient’s quality of life by decreasing toxicity and side effects, strengthening the immune system, and supporting the body’s healing ability. With this tool box we work to develop therapeutic programs that help sustain wellness during and after treatment.

We use therapies that support the whole person. We have experience providing guidance on healthful diet changes, stress reduction and emotional counselling, decision making, exercise, immune system support, vitamins and supplements and personal coaching.

The goal is to create a healthy internal and external environment, which is significant for individuals living with cancer. Our therapies are evaluated for their level evidence on both burden of risk and efficacy, and are given at doses and times that will not negatively impact conventional treatment.

We can provide you with the knowledge, tools and services to support your overall health during and after cancer treatment. Our doctors value standard cancer treatments, and will work with you, your family doctor and oncologist to provide the best cancer care possible.